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During the course of your treatment with us, you are given points that are stored in an electronic “bank account” as a reward for each of the following:

  • Being on time for your appointment
  • Good oral hygiene/no broken brackets, wires or appliances
  • Good cooperation with headgear, lip-bumper and retainers

Please note that we cannot give any tokens for the visit if you have anything broken or forget your headgear, retainer or lip-bumper.

Did we forget to give you points? Tell us before you leave, and you will receive two extra!


Our office has a treasure cabinet filled with items that you can “purchase” with the points you have earned. These gifts range from cans of “silly string,” Beanie Babies, games, arts and crafts items, jewelry, movie theater tickets and gift cards to Target, Gamestop and iTunes.


The nicest compliment you can give us is the referral of your friends. Receive 30 points for every person you refer to us.


About every eight weeks, we run a contest for all our patients to enter. Look for the announcement and display at the front desk and in our monthly newsletter. The winner usually receives a $25 mall gift card, but this can vary, so make sure you check out our contests and enter to win!




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