Maxillary and Mandibular Expanders

A semi-permanent appliance used to simulate growth and widen the jaws thus making space for permanent teeth.


Essix Retainers

Clear, plastic retainers that can be used to do minor tooth movement or hold the teeth straight.


A spring system that supplies a constant force to align the bite.



Tiny rubberbands that are flossed between the teeth to gain just enough space to fit an orthodontic band (metal ring) around a tooth.


Damon Splint

A retainer made to hold the proper position and orientation of the upper jaw in relation to the lower jaw. It also helps to rebalance muscles of the mouth and face.


Spring Retainers

A type of retainer used to hold the progress of Phase I patients, but also can be used at the end of Phase II to better hold width dimension and help the recurrence of deep bites.

Herbst Appliance

An appliance used to correct overbites by holding the lower jaw in a protrusive position.


Lip Bumper

An appliance that removes lip and cheek pressure from the teeth and allows the tongue to widen the arch. A lip bumper also prevents the permanent molars from sliding forward as primary teeth are lost and permanent teeth come in.


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