See how Dr. Wiley
transformed Allison’s life


Nancy Wiley Orthodontics specializes in the highest quality of Orthodontics for children, teens, and adults. Our practice is passionate about treating patients like family and positively impacting the quality of each patient’s life. In fact, thirty-nine of our patients have been so impacted by their treatment with Dr. Wiley that they have even chosen to become an orthodontist. Come join our family and let our passion in everything we do transform your life!

Dr. Wiley prides herself on identifying the root causes associated with the need for orthonditic treatment, which is why we offer an adjunct program that addresses improper muscle and tongue function, a common contributor to the need for orthodontia. The benefits of participating in this specialized therapy extend beyond simply finishing one’s orthodontic treatment faster. The therapy will not only aid in optimal growth and alignment of the jaws, but will enable the patient to speak more clearly and chew and swallow more effectively as they learn and perform exercises that teach the body to function as it should.

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